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Hebei Fine Art Co., Ltd.

Released on Jul. 30, 2021

Since its establishment in 2007, our company has been focusing on providing overseas customers with one-stop global solutions based on products, technologies and services of China origin, which including injection molds and all kinds of injection products. We provide customers with mold engineering design, mold manufacturing, injection products, as well as in cost accounting, technical support Export transportation and other aspects of a full range of services to help customers choose suitable products for their target markets. Our 1000sqm mold factory and injection molding product production workshop are located in Tianjin, which is 150 km away from Beijing airport and 50 km away from Tianjin port. We have a R & D team, as well as injection molding product processing team. For many years, with professional design,  excellent product quality, Quick after-sales service, let us be proud to win the long-term trust and respect of customers.