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  • Injection Check Valve Mold
  • Injection Check Valve Mold
  • Injection Check Valve Mold
  • Injection Check Valve Mold

    Injection Check Valve is often used in chemical industry, light industry, mining and metallurgy, oil field, electronics, pharmaceutical, brewing, food processing, construction, civil upstream and downstream water and other fields, with the role of conveying a variety of corrosive media and high purity media, especially suitable for water treatment and environmental protection system.

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    Features of injection check valve mold

    The function of the valve is to allow the medium to flow in one direction only. The valve can operate automatically under pressure of a fluid flowing in one direction when the disc opens; When the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the pressure of the fluid and the weight of the disc will act on the valve seat to cut off the flow.

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