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Benefits and Design Considerations of Plastic Injection Molding

Released on Jan. 13, 2022

Plastic Injection Molding


Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding offers an array of benefits. On the design and manufacturing side, some include design freedom, cost-effectiveness, and rapid production cycles. Injection molding offers a high degree of versatility in shape, material, and style allowing for a broad range of potential design directions that manufacturers can customize for their unique needs. Additionally, plastic offers several cost advantages over materials like glass due to its cheaper acquisition cost and lightweight nature suitable for shipping, especially given that injection molding's low error rates will lead to little wasted product. Finally, injection molding allows for rapid production cycles that lead to tight turnarounds, effective iteration, and high repetition available for any size production run.


Once the design and manufacturing of your plastic components are complete, injection molding continues to offer benefits by ensuring durable components that comply with industry-standard regulations. Plastics create strong, rigid parts that will not rot or corrode at any point in your product's journey from the manufacturing plant to the consumer. In addition, the types of plastic that are most compatible with injection molding include food-grade plastic resins, which meet FDA and GMA-SAFE standards for safe consumer use.


Design Considerations for a Custom Plastic Injection Molding Project

It’s essential to specify the part’s job for the best design possible. Is the part going to be a stand-alone piece or a small part of another piece? The dimensions, tensile requirements, elemental factors, pressure, and chemical exposure should all be considered when thinking about the design.


Maintaining a uniform wall thickness ensures no weakened spots where pressure and wear can cause issues after manufacturing. Melted plastic fills the thick-walled areas first and then moves on to smaller areas. Ensuring uniformity will eliminate most of the manufacturing defects and provide a viable product.


Rib design is the next major area you should think about. They attribute to part strength and durability. Usually, the thick walls contain ribs that take up half to 70% of the wall’s total thickness. It’s vital to take care when designing the ribs; if they are too thick or tall, they can sink and become a hindrance. Corners should be rounded to increase load-bearing and aid in the injection process.


Benefits and Design Considerations of Plastic Injection Molding

Design Checklist

Design elements like bosses, weld lines, gate placements, and vent placements are necessary to ensure that the part can meet tensile strength and endurance without failing. Bosses help guide screws and pins and should be the same thickness as ribs. Weld lines need careful planning so that the connection of two flows does not create a weak spot and compromise the integrity. Gates and vents must be placed in areas to allow the mold to completely fill while allowing access to gasses to escape.


Our specialists incorporate the best materials from over one hundred commodities, specialty, and engineering plastics. Designers help clients choose from five different resin types to determine the best type for its end-use:



Plastic Injection OEM

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