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Custom Mold Maker

Introduction of custom mold maker

Custom molds enable the rapid production of thermoplastic, metal, or elastomer components of all complexities. Through injection molding, compression molding, rotational molding, investment casting, and similar processes, manufacturers can quickly and accurately reproduce all manner of components. Therefore, the mold itself must be well-made and dimensionally accurate. It is very important to find a custom mold maker. It is necessary to choose a manufacturer with many years of production experience, advanced equipment and technology, and most importantly, a complete professional service system.

Service of Custom Mold Maker

1. Mould Engineering Design, Mould Manufacturing, Injection Products

2. Cost accounting, technical support, export transportation

3. International exchange, after-sales service, one-stop solution

4. Help customers choose products and services that are suitable for their target market

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The process of custom mold making includes:

Injection molding

Injection molding is one of the most popular and versatile plastic molding techniques. The technique involves injecting molten material into a custom mold, allowing it to cool into the final shape of the project.

Injection molding requires precise and durable molds that can withstand repeated use. Because the process uses molten material, molds must be carefully designed, taking into account high temperature capabilities, to ensure they do not fail or wear out over multiple cycles. Properly manufactured injection molds can facilitate highly repeatable production in high volume production.

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding is a special form of injection molding. LSR has a very low viscosity, is easy to inject and cures quickly into a malleable, durable elastomer. Therefore, LSR is particularly suitable for products with complex shapes that need to be precisely formed.

Compression molding

Unlike injection molding, compression molding starts with a solid piece of uncured rubber that has been measured to a certain weight and shape. The raw material is placed in a hollow mold where pressure is applied to create the finished shape. The rubber is cured by vulcanization using heat before releasing the component.

Compression molding is best for less complex parts, so molds are usually cheaper and less complex. Compression molding produces less material waste than other molding methods and is compatible with most elastomers. Disadvantages include longer cycle times and complexity limitations compared to injection molding.


RTV molding

Often used with polyurethane, room temperature vulcanization (RTV) molding is an affordable technique for producing a variety of rubber and rigid prototypes. We use RTV tools to manufacture polyurethane products in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including precise color matching for later prototypes.

RTV molding can be used for general prototyping, as well as fit and function testing or marketing samples. Occasionally, RTV molding and urethane casting are available for smaller (take-out) final production runs. For products requiring thick walls or high chemical resistance, polyurethane may be a suitable choice.

Roto molding

Rotomoulding, rotational moulding or rotational moulding all describe a cost-effective method of manufacturing hollow plastic parts from powdered plastic. The powder is placed in a mold and spun in an oven to melt the plastic. As the machine rotates, the constant rotation forces the plastic to cover the mold walls, creating a hollow part with a consistent surface.

Rotational molding is best for low-stress hollow plastic parts, especially in small and medium batch production. Rotational molding remains an option, especially for products that cannot be easily molded using other methods.

About Us

Fine Art is a professional custom mold maker who has fifteen years production experience. We are your best choice of designing and making all types of molds, whether a simple prototype or a more complex multi-cavity mold. We accept a wide variety of molds for custom making such as automotive parts mold, cosmetics product mold, daily consumer product mold, industrial and civil valves mold, and computer & mobile electronic component mold. Our service includes of CNC machining parts, rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing, and stable delivery. If you are looking for a reliable high quality custom mold maker, don't hesitate to contact us right away!

Custom Mold Maker

Any company fall within cosmetic industrial, packaging design industrial that needs a CNC prototype partner project can cooperate with us. The design concept and intellectual property protection are particularly important for startups to safeguard the interests of the company. If you need a competitive budget for any project, we can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement before you release your inquiry. our service includes CNC machining parts, Rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing, and stable delivery.

A range of well-designed and low-cost products with constant development that centred customer experiences is critical for one company to successfully seize daily consumer products market opportunity. Our rich experiences of mold designing and manufacturing and exceptional injection production capacity that help you make it possible,from simple to complicated, for quoting, injection molding building, functional prototyping, whatever mass customization or local outsourcing and self -producing end-use parts, we are able offer you more customization options to meet customer demand. our service includes CNC machining parts, Rapid prototyping , low volume manufacturing, and stable delivery.

It is incredible hard to keep up with the latest changes happened in computer and mobile electronics field, but It is vital for one successful company do the way with the perfect mold for different electronic needs . If you have an idea to design and create one complicated electronic subassembly part mold, we have the experience to produce those molds cost-effectively within a reasonable time. our service includes CNC machining parts, Rapid prototyping , low volume manufacturing, and stable delivery.

OEM Industrial Injection Molding

Why look for OEM industrial injection molding?

If your project involves OEM industrial injection molded components, you may want to consider outsourcing that part to a dedicated manufacturer. Because it involves the core competitiveness and cost savings.

Producing high-quality injection-molded components requires a lot of time and money as well as specialized experts. Even seemingly cheap components can become costly if you decide to do OEM industrial injection molding yourself.

OEM industrial injection molding manufacturers have significant advantages in this area, including cost savings, improved quality and logistics operations. By outsourcing, you save on the associated labor costs, which would be a huge expense to implement OEM industrial injection molding in-house.

Service of Fine Art

Provide overseas customers with one-stop global solutions based on products, technologies and services originating in China, including injection molds and various injection and conventional products

Provide customers with a full range of services in mold engineering design, mold manufacturing, injection molding products, as well as cost accounting, technical support, export transportation, etc.

Help customers choose products and services that are suitable for their target market

Our Advantages

The company was established in 2007 and has nearly 15 years of professional experience.

The products cover a wide range, including cosmetics, daily consumer goods, electronic products, industrial and civil valves, etc.

Provide one-stop all-round services in mold engineering design, mold manufacturing, injection molding products, as well as cost accounting, technical support, export transportation, etc.

The production workshop is located in Tianjin, only 150 kilometers away from Beijing Airport and 50 kilometers away from Tianjin Seaport, with convenient transportation and guaranteed delivery speed.

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